Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mostly-Irish Stew

Apparently my new slow cooker is much smaller than my old slow cooker. This is both good and bad, since I won't end up making a month's worth of food that requires rapid eating/freezing/throwing-away :/


  • 1lb lamb, 1" chunks (I used a wonderful New Zealand boneless leg)
  • 1lb potatoes, 1" chunks
  • 1lb carrots, 1" chunks
  • 1lb onions, 1" chunks
  • 1lb turnips or parsnips, 1" chunks
  • 1/2lb mushrooms, 1" chunks, I used portabello
  • 2c lamb broth (or beef)
  • (Optional) Replace ~1/2-1/4 broth with Guiness Stout. Drink the rest, obviously.
  • Salt, pepper, whatever else you want, to taste

  • Put everything in slow cooker
  • Cook on high for 4-6 hours
I ran it about 6 hours and the lamb was completely tender. Ended up being wonderful.

I forgot to add the seasonings when I was cooking. Had several bites before I realized anything was missing. Added a touch of salt and pepper and that was actually enough.

I also prefer a thicker stew. The obvious option is a flour/butter mix, but I'm trying to avoid wheat when it's convenient. A pureed blend of potatoes and, say, cooked white beans, and maybe some alternative flour would probably work. The beans would add some additional fiber and protein as well.

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